Reuniting a Mother and Daughter



Northglenn, CO

I am sure everyone can agree that at one point or another, we are faced with a battle that seems too difficult for us to conquer, at least alone. I want to tell a short story about a coworker and friend I met a couple years back. Out of respect, we will call the girl in this story Sarah. When Sarah was in high school she found herself pregnant and in an abusive relationship. Her parents found her pregnancy unacceptable and kicked her out of the house to fend for herself. My goal was to help her, but I ended up learning a life lesson I will never forget.

Fast-forward 4 years. That’s when I met Sarah. We were coworkers and shared a healthy friendship. Her child was in the custody of her abusive ex-boyfriend and her heart was full of resentment towards her 4-year-old little girl. Sarah was about to get kicked out, yet again, of her living situation with no car, nearly no money, and no place to go. God put it on my heart to offer Sarah a place to live for the next few months, rent free, as well as purchase her a car so she can get to work. Sarah was grateful and tears ran down her face when I handed her the keys on her birthday. I informed Sarah that small, affordable payments needed to be made for her to keep the car. She agreed and was feeling more optimistic about her living situation.

Sarah made a few payments on the car but then months passed by without any payments. She ignored my requests to send any small amount to show good faith. After about 6 months I received a message on Facebook telling me the car had been out of commission for a month and she couldn’t afford to make any more payments or fix the car and offered it back to me. My first inclination was to be very upset about the money I was going to lose and the level of disrespect and ungratefulness she displayed. At the end of the message she told me during the time she had the car, she started visiting her daughter that lived with her ex about 30 minutes away and now her daughter is the love of her life. She rescued her from the abusive relationship and Sarah’s heart is full of love and peace. Her daughter is in a much better place and with her mom who cherishes each day she gets to spend with her preschooler.

Tears poured out as I read this message and any anger I felt was gone, past faults were forgiven. What lesson did I learn? I learned if you take the time to pour into someone’s life, you may lose a couple bucks, but what if you can reunite a mother and daughter and possibly help change two lives for the better? How did this situation change me? I actively seek people in need of some assistance to pour into and show them they don’t have to conquer all of life’s battles alone. In this busy life, where everything is time sensitive and we rush around like ants on an anthill, take the time to help someone in need and show them that you are #Wired To Love.