Kickstarting My Path

Josh- Newport Beach, CA

I used to work at an Irish pub, working behind the bar. I had regulars come in all the time but one older couple constantly asked about me, talked to me and I happened to also enjoy their company. They asked me what I wanted to do, I told them acting.

Over the months getting to know them and them me, we learned more and more about one another and finally they asked what it would take for me to further my career. I told them there’s acting classes in Orlando I wanted to go to and was saving up. They wandered how much, I told them a thousand bucks. We will bring in a check for a 1000 dollars next Tuesday they told me, with all seriousness. I was shocked, quickly and profusely refused but they told me “It’s okay to accept help. If we didn’t get help when we were first starting off we wouldn’t have gotten out of my parents basement”.

I accepted and sure enough on Tuesday they came with a check and I couldn’t stop thanking them and smiling and feeling incredibly blessed. That has led me on the path I am on today and with the people that are in my life. Wynn and Penny are their names.