Our Duty to Help Others See the Positive

Caimbrin -Eustis, FL

As I am sitting here trying to write this post about the goodness of others I am starting to realize something; people are inherently kind. Obviously, that is not true in all cases, but I think it is in most. I sat down today to share one experience where someone was kind to me without knowing me or having any extrinsic reason to be sympathetic to my situation.

What I am finding is that there are several experiences that stick out in my head. One of the main things that comes to mind is when my youngest daughter was about to have surgery to help her hear. It was a very expensive surgery and we were young and could never have afforded it on our own. The hospital told us we needed a pretty large chunk of it up front. It was amazing to see how family and friends rallied around us and helped by setting up fundraisers and different events to help. One of the things that got set up was a Facebook fundraiser page. There was a spot for people to write a comment if they wanted. I started to notice that people who I had never met before were giving, some in large amounts. People from China, Europe, the other side of the country were giving to us. At that time, I was a little jaded and my view was pretty negative. I feel like going through this experience that could have just been a terrible time was turned around for me.

 Instead of my main focus being on how sad or unfair it was that my child had to have surgery, I became very thankful. Thankful that there was a surgery that could help my daughter hear and thankful that there were so many good people out there willing to help even though they had never met us.

Another time that sticks out in my mind is when I was having a rough day. I was in line at McDonalds (holla for dem french fries) and the car in front of me bought my meal. They didn’t know me, they would never get to hear me say thank you, but they did it anyways. That change my whole attitude around. It’s crazy that $4.29 could make someone’s whole day! It made me want to do the same thing for someone else in hopes that it would make them as happy as that person had made me.

I could go on about the different things I have witnessed but I will just end with this; people are good. Be those people, be the person who gives without expecting anything back, or compliments just because you want to make someone smile. In times like these it is so easy to focus on the negative. I kind of feel like it’s our duty to help others around us see the positive just like the people above did for me.