Making an Impact Without Spending a Dime


Michael-Highlands Ranch, Colorado

“The secret to living is giving.” ~Tony Robbins

When I received the Wired to Love bracelet I immediately thought of ways I could impact other people’s life. What I didn’t expect was how hard such a seemingly simple task would be. This was a reminder that like all things in life, giving to others is a muscle that should be continually exercised.

I ended up buying my team at work lunch at a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant, but something was still missing. Another lesson came to memory, giving doesn’t always mean handing people money. As Tim Ferriss puts it, “Changing the world doesn’t require much money. Again, think in terms of empowerment and not charity.” What we need to realize is that service and encouragment is what will spread the love. Sure, it was nice that I bought my team lunch, but did that really inspire them to be more giving toward others?

I decided to make it a goal to impact other people’s lives this week by simply complimenting them or empathizing with their situation. So far it has been refreshing to see their responses. When my friend talked about how hard his work is, instead of me responding with my own issues I told him that I was sorry to hear that and offered to help. The response was night and day from if I had sent my own complaint. Negativity is a disease and we should all encourage others through positivity and good intentions.