Wired to Love was created to bring awareness to how we interact with others. More than ever I feel as if we are becoming more disconnected and short-tempered with those around us. Every single person holds the power to impact someone’s day no matter what their social status or tax bracket may be. We are wired to care for others. We are wired to interact, to socialize, to learn from each other.

In the beginning of 2017, I made wristbands that say “I am the Change” and the twitter handle @wiredtolove. The purpose of the wristband is simply a symbol and a call to action. When you have the wristband, you go out and perform one good deed for the day. It can be anything you like, it just has to have a positive impact on someone else or society. Once the good deed is performed, you go and tweet what that deed was to @wiredtolove and you give the wristband to someone else. This can be a family member, a friend, or even a random stranger you have just met. The goal of the tweets is not to brag but to inspire others to do similar good deeds and bring that awareness of the good happening in the world.

The blog section of Wired to Love is a place where people  can guest post about a time someone truly impacted their life or a time where they truly impacted someone else’s life. I also interview people with amazing stories across the globe.

All stories can be emailed to wired2lov@gmail.com or sent through the Contact page on this site.

My goal for Wired to Love is to have 2000 good deeds tweeted and 100 guest post in 1 year. Be a part of the change!